Module – Excel & Advanced Excel

  • Worksheet Basics
  • Text Formatting- Create Your Custom Format & Pattern
  • Creating a Formula
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Relative and Absolute Reference ( $ in Reference)
  • Data Validations (Text Length, Number Date, List Etc)
  • 70 Popular functions (Lookup, Conditional, Date, Text, Account etc.)
  • Text to column wizard
  • Name Manger, Selection, Define Name
  • Split / Freeze Panes
  • Share workbook & Track changes
  • Charting and Analyzing Data
  • Advanced Filter (Based on 10 different scenarios)
  • Arrays Functions
  • Pivot Table and Chart – Wizard
  • Consolidate Data Tool
  • Dependency List using Indirect
  • Goal Seek & Solver Analysis Tool
  • Importing data from other sources
  • Lookup and conditional functions
  • Creating Dashboard
  • Macros / VBA Basics

Duration: 10 Sessions Fee:  Just Rs. 7,000/-   

Address : 225 Old Delhi Road, Opp Raj Cinema Near Bus Stand Gurgaon

Call : 8802000175, 0124-4360863

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