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VBA is an object-oriented programming language and well suited to beginners. It provides many of the Visual Basic programming facilities through the Excel application. Thus, students who have access to Excel can gain familiarity with Visual Basic without having to set up to the full blown program. With VBA, programmers have the power to customize Excel application that would be impossible to achieve with Excel alone. VBA can often provide a faster, and sometimes easier to implement solution, than could be achieved with Excel alone. Excel is made up of a series of objects that can be manipulated through code.

All these objects are required to complete various tasks while using Excel. For instance, if an Excel financial report form is complete, the user might open the workbook containing a worksheet with the report from, enter data in a range on that form, and save the workbook, The workbook, worksheet and range are all excel objects, VBA can be used to manipulate such objects, making it easier to complete the task of submitting the financial report. E-mailing the report can also be automated.


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