SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Whenever you enter a text like php training in Google you get a list of results that contain that text or keyword. Users normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of this list.
If you have ever think why some of these websites rank better than the others then you must know that it is because of a powerful web marketing technique and Good Content, called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How Search Engine Works?
Search engines perform some activities in order to deliver search results
Crawling – is the process of fetching all the web pages linked to a web site. This task is performed by software, called a crawler or a spider.
Indexing – is the process of creating index for all the fetched web pages and keeping them into a giant database from where it can later be retrieved.
On-Page SEO
This includes providing good content, good keywords selection, putting keywords on correct places, giving appropriate title to every page etc.
Off-Page SEO
This includes link building, increasing link popularity by submitting in open directories, search engines, link exchange etc.
You should have at-least first three headings in your web page i.e. h1 h2 h3. Make sure h1 is not repeated and should contain best keyword of your business.
There are no technical length limits for the

Black hat / White hat
When you are not following seo rules and putting keywords different from its content means your website content is different from its keywords, you provided is called black hat. The only purpose of black hat is to waste the time of visitors and earn money from adsenses.
Some black hat examples are –
You are putting popular keywords like free game downloads, free recharge free songs dhoom 6 free download free jobs etc but still your website doesn’t offer these services so simply you already know that these are popular keywords and users will search these to visit your website and once your visit on your website they found non-relevant data on your website.
So black hat is completely time wastage of the visitors.
You are hiding headings from your page by putting font-size 0 or putting the same color as your website background also come under black hat.
Putting adult contents and non-relevant ads also called black hat.
Creating a rogue copy of a popular web site which shows contents similar to the original, but redirects web surfers to unrelated or malicious web sites. This is also called Page hijacking.
On the other hand when you doing SEO job in right way called white hat. so always go with white hat.

Page Names, Directory Names
When you creating web pages and directories make sure you are putting keywords in pages / directories names for example: java-training-in-gurgaon.html , best-doctors-delhi.html
Domain / URL Name
The domain name of a site tells a lot about it. if your site is about training, you will have “training”, “classes”, or “education” as part of your domain name. for example your site is mainly about web designing training then your name should be something like or
So buy your domain name which is more catchy, memorable and relevant to your business.

Web Page Content
Ultimate content is king of your website; you should have a good and enough content on every page. text and html ratio should be 60% -40% or 70%-30% so simply you should have more and more text on your website for the good ranking.
A relevant, fresh, and timely content is crucial to attracting and keeping visitors to your web pages. It will help you both draw traffic from search engines and create audience loyalty.
Sites with duplicated or free content, who get given red flags by the Search Engines.

Keyword Frequency & Weight
This is calculated as how often does a keyword appear in a site’s title or description. You don’t want to go overboard with frequency,
One technique that often works well is to create some smaller pages. By keeping the overall number of words to a minimum, you will increase the weight of the keyword you are emphasizing.
favicon :
Also called favourite icon the small icon on website title the same you notice in google facebook youtube etc. by putting favicon your website will place a good bookmarking.
you may create this icon from and after creating the same put the following line in head
PPC (Pay per Click) Campaign
When none of the above strategies work then i will suggest you to go for a PPC ad campaign with your targeted keywords.

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