Sum function in excel

Excel SUM Function

SUM function is one of the most used functions in MS Excel. This formula not only adds user define values in a cell but also adds values from different cells. It is used in Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 and other versions of excel with same syntax. Here are few examples to illustrate SUM formula in Excel. We will discuss Excel Subtract, Multiply and Divide at the end of this lesson with examples.

Syntax And Examples:

SUM of multiple cells which are in sequence in a column or row:


SUM of different cells probably not in a sequence:


SUM of both: cells in a sequence and randomly selected cells:


Using SUM formula as a calculator to add user define numbers:


1 6
2 8
3 2
4 7
5 0
6 9
7 1
8 SUM formula here

Extra Tips:

  • If blank cells are added, those will be treated as zero
  • If text cell is added that will also treated as zero
  • While using SUM with a series of cells, check for the hidden columns or rows to prevent mistakes

We would not be adding Subtract, multiply and division formula as a separate lesson because all these work like SUM function. The only thing changes is the used mathematical signs:

Subtract Example:


Output: 2

Multiply or Product Example:


Output: 48

Divide Example:


Output: 3

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