No one is ever called a master without a good knowledge and experience in the field he is a master in. He should be knowledgeable, well-versed and well-bruised in battle.

In Short “The designer needs to know what needs to be implemented accordingly to enable various accessibility features for things such as screen readers and text to speech software. “

Following things you should keep in mind while designing a website-


You need to understand how to read, edit and troubleshoot basic HTML. (And depending on your actual job you might need to know a lot more than that.) you should be able to pinpoint a bold or font or color or size issue in HTML without thinking. You should be able to substitute styles in CSS with ease.

Edit Photos

In any design field, that you will work with images mostly. So it only makes sense that you understand how to edit them. From basic cropping to sizing and a little “clean up,” you should be able to work with photos with ease.

Responsive / Mobile Friendly Website

Frameworks keep you from reinventing the wheel with every project and are easy for others to use if you are ultimately handing a website over to a client that will try to maintain it and make updates. Bootstrap Framework may be best choice to create responsive and device friendly website.

Backup and Package Files

You need to understand how to and how often to backup your site to prevent data loss should something happen to the site. Even if you don’t know the exact logistics of this exercise in your sleep, you should know what is being saved, how frequently it is happening and where the data is stored.

you should have a great idea of how to create package and backup files for website styles and more that can be used as a backup and can provide detailed information for clients should they need to use the parts.

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