Hirdesh bhardwaj: upcoming new talent in technical books

A boy that comes from the place where no much of the students have been able to perceive his dream for the future and at the early age they leaved their studies and indulge in different activities.But this boy has something else in his head he wants to be the best developer. He has a dream in his eyes and determination to act for his dream.He does extremely hard work and survive in this fighting arena and becomes the well known developer and transferred his legacy to the upcoming developer through his self written books , that he wrote from scratch.

The boy, about we are talking about is none other than the famous technical books writer “Hirdesh Bhardwaj”. His First and Second edition of PHP and MYSQL advance learning has made new heights of selling and appreciation.

He told to our reporters that he is launching a new book related to Web Designing on the eve of Independence day 15 August 2016.We are saying him a Good luck!!

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